Thursday, January 14, 2010

12, 13, 14/365 CoughHackCough

<- Drawn on January 12th.

Drawn January 13th ->

Sorry for lack of updates these past two days. I caught an extremely bad illness from someone who I thought was my friend. But alas, friendships fall apart easily, don't they? This friend in particular showed signs of being a horrid friend but my forgiving nature accepted her and this is how i was repayed. That bitch.

<- LOL Looks like it started it's period. That red stain is actually Doctor Pepper. I spilled some when I coughed.... Drawn January 13th

Moving on, exams are this week- tomorrows the last day!- so we get out of school early. :D

Here's today's Pictures:
I drew this bookmark thing with Dare, Fin, Sherlock, Eugene, Connor, and Opal decked out as Oblivion species and classes. If you aren't familiar with any of this just go to Oblivion Wiki. I call it, "The Wayfarings of Oblivion" because I'm creative :-P

- Sherlock would be an Imperial Knight. Typically he'd dress in light weight armor with some heavy weight armor because he'd be too proud to be the absolute slowest in the group. He probably wouldn't

know many spells. A sword would be a good idea to fend off Fin too...

-Dare would we a Altmer Mage because, well, it's cool. She'd know status increasing spells and some offensive spells too. I sound like a nerd. Probably the most logical one in the group, keeping everyone in check. I don't actually know if you can have an Altmer Ginger but whatevs.

-Finbarr would be a Bosmer Theif. Bosmer generally suck stat wise except for speed and stealth. Not to mention a Bosmer would be appropriate for Fin because of their ability to communicate with animals and the fact they're considered tree-huggers. He has a bow because long range weapons are the only Bosmer's don't completely suck at. He'd have a pet sheep :D

-By far my favorite, Eugene would be a Dark Elf Mage AND a Vampire. Mostly because he'd be the best Vampire evah. Eugene's a dark elf mostly because he's the minority in the group... Seriously. But it also sounded funny in my head because Dark Elves are all bad ass but then there's Eugene.... He'd know offensive spells and probably would summon Daedra to fight for him when the others aren't around. He'd have high alchemey skillz too. I could see it being awkward for him to be a Vampire. Finbarr would probably shoot him if he got to close, leaving Opal to heal the crap out of him. But such is the unfortunate life for Eugene.

- My scanner had issues seperating these two so whatever. Conner would be a Khajiit Monk because well, he thinks he's a cat anyway. A monk, because his lack of thumbs wouldn't allow him to carry anything so he'd just claw or something. Conner would be the weirdest. He's literally act like a cat too, creeping everyone out. And the hairballs would be awkward....

-Opal would be a Nord Healer. It's funny because Nords are typically brutish and muscular and carry around hammers and Cleavers. I couldn't give her anything bigger than her body and she's gentle in nature anyway so she gets to be a healer. She'd mostly stick by Eugene because he's the most prone to get injured by enemies and allies (Fin).

Ok, yes, I know, that sounded really nerdy but I've been itching to play Oblivion but haven't gotten around to it yet.

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  1. oh my god this is amazing. hahahahahahaha.

    i would just like to ask one thing, though. when did finbar(r)'s name change?