Saturday, December 4, 2010

I wish it was Moolatte Monday :( Sorry about the shadow, my sketchbook is fat.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Numbah 3

I actually drew two pictures today.

<- This was the first one. I didn't like it too much but I did have fun inking it. The theme is kinda weird so I'll just summarize it as "Jock vs. Emo".

Who knows, maybe they'll see pass their obvious differences and pull some weird Glee shit (Kurt and that one guy).

The Second picture is just a little something (that happens to have a background!). I'm particularly proud of that arctic goat <3

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 2

Albus and Gellert 4evah!

Todays picture is Albus Dumbledor and Gellert Grindlewald as young men. Not particularly proud of this but at least my picture is done.

I'll probably color this tomorrow or something. :P

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"I solemnly swear I am up to no good."

Oh hai Marauders. How you doin'? Remus, Sirius, Peter, and James getting ready for an evening of mischief. Though who knows why Remus wants to bring a book. James even has the Marauder's Map in hand (which was very difficult to draw, thank you)!

This is my first picture for December. Not too shabby if I say so myself -which I do. I believe it's the first time I've actually drawn any of these characters. It's weird because Sirius and Remus are my favorite people from the Harry Potter series. You should also note that it's in color. Don't get use to it because I definitely won't be coloring every single picture I draw. Far to lazy for that :)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


So, Lauren (and maybe me) technically coined this little activity. Because I'm a lazy bum and can't draw a picture every day for an entire year, we shrunk the timespan to a month. Sounds easy enough and I may stay interested long enough to actually complete it. Anyone is welcomed to join in on this endeavor!

In 5 short minutes, December will officially begin!


In case you were wondering, I'm leaving my art up from the Daily Sketch activity. It's really bad so maybe after this month is over, you can compare the styles and see how much I've improved (because there's always room for improvement).

Friday, January 22, 2010

22/365 I Can Haz Color?

My scanner is way to small for this image. But yeah, here it is in water colors. :D I kinda wished I was more careful with the masking fluid but it's too late now and I kinda like how it came out. Technically, I painted this yesterday but I'll update later with today's sketch.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

18,19,20,21/365 It's Massive!

<- 1/18/10-1/19/10, "Link and Navi"

Okay, yeah, sorry for the lack of updates. It's been kinda hecktic here with Homework and the shebang.

So we have this new student teacher for my civics class and he's adorable. <3>

In other news, I'm passing all my classes so that's dandy.

"Lackadaisy" 1/20-1/21/10 ->

This is my new art project. I intend to paint it with watercolors but we'll see what happens.

15/365 I forgot about it...

This is so late- I'm sorry! :( It kinda slipped my mind

Sunday, January 17, 2010

16,17/365 Gaylo

I count these as two Visuals because I worked on them from 11:40-1:00 :D

So Lauren, Meredith, Erin, and I were all playing Halo and the reactions from everyone are pretty much summed up. We cuss like sailors when we get shot. Well, except Erin because she never got shot.

On the other hand, Meredith always got shot. Always. Even when we were on teams. Mostly because her team mate kept shooting her.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

12, 13, 14/365 CoughHackCough

<- Drawn on January 12th.

Drawn January 13th ->

Sorry for lack of updates these past two days. I caught an extremely bad illness from someone who I thought was my friend. But alas, friendships fall apart easily, don't they? This friend in particular showed signs of being a horrid friend but my forgiving nature accepted her and this is how i was repayed. That bitch.

<- LOL Looks like it started it's period. That red stain is actually Doctor Pepper. I spilled some when I coughed.... Drawn January 13th

Moving on, exams are this week- tomorrows the last day!- so we get out of school early. :D

Here's today's Pictures:
I drew this bookmark thing with Dare, Fin, Sherlock, Eugene, Connor, and Opal decked out as Oblivion species and classes. If you aren't familiar with any of this just go to Oblivion Wiki. I call it, "The Wayfarings of Oblivion" because I'm creative :-P

- Sherlock would be an Imperial Knight. Typically he'd dress in light weight armor with some heavy weight armor because he'd be too proud to be the absolute slowest in the group. He probably wouldn't

know many spells. A sword would be a good idea to fend off Fin too...

-Dare would we a Altmer Mage because, well, it's cool. She'd know status increasing spells and some offensive spells too. I sound like a nerd. Probably the most logical one in the group, keeping everyone in check. I don't actually know if you can have an Altmer Ginger but whatevs.

-Finbarr would be a Bosmer Theif. Bosmer generally suck stat wise except for speed and stealth. Not to mention a Bosmer would be appropriate for Fin because of their ability to communicate with animals and the fact they're considered tree-huggers. He has a bow because long range weapons are the only Bosmer's don't completely suck at. He'd have a pet sheep :D

-By far my favorite, Eugene would be a Dark Elf Mage AND a Vampire. Mostly because he'd be the best Vampire evah. Eugene's a dark elf mostly because he's the minority in the group... Seriously. But it also sounded funny in my head because Dark Elves are all bad ass but then there's Eugene.... He'd know offensive spells and probably would summon Daedra to fight for him when the others aren't around. He'd have high alchemey skillz too. I could see it being awkward for him to be a Vampire. Finbarr would probably shoot him if he got to close, leaving Opal to heal the crap out of him. But such is the unfortunate life for Eugene.

- My scanner had issues seperating these two so whatever. Conner would be a Khajiit Monk because well, he thinks he's a cat anyway. A monk, because his lack of thumbs wouldn't allow him to carry anything so he'd just claw or something. Conner would be the weirdest. He's literally act like a cat too, creeping everyone out. And the hairballs would be awkward....

-Opal would be a Nord Healer. It's funny because Nords are typically brutish and muscular and carry around hammers and Cleavers. I couldn't give her anything bigger than her body and she's gentle in nature anyway so she gets to be a healer. She'd mostly stick by Eugene because he's the most prone to get injured by enemies and allies (Fin).

Ok, yes, I know, that sounded really nerdy but I've been itching to play Oblivion but haven't gotten around to it yet.

Monday, January 11, 2010


No flashy title. I'm ill :D

Greg wanted a pic of Sherlock dressed as... Sherlock. So yeah, here. Sorry it's not detailed. Some other time.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

10 is crap.... 10/365

I'm sick, I need to finish reviews for Homework, and it's 11:13 on a school night. Said you'd get Alice so here she is:
Will make better on late date. I sleep nowz

Saturday, January 9, 2010

9 Inch Nailz. 9/365

Sorry, this actually has nothing to do with the band. Anyway, went to Waffle House this morning then hung out with mom. Also went shopping for Dad- he needed a tooth brush for his trip. House is disgusting. Ment to clean but Dad wouldn't go away (I have a peeve about cleaning when people are here).

Today's Visual(s) are dedicated to Lauren because... well, I based both pictures off Evelyn/Dare.

The picture on the left is part of the "Meaningful Outfit Meme". You essentially find the meaning of a characters name, put the meaning into the search engine here, and then draw the character in the 2nd outfit (if it's not an outfit move on until you find one). So that would explain why the clothing is... uh.. well... yeah. Honestly, I don't really like this picture. I shold've done some warm up sketches first but yeah. Coloring is disasterous. Sorry Lauren.

The outfit:

Here - Look, an owl!

The other picture is also of Evelyn (maybe not...). I liked it until I colored the lips. She looks like a sloppy hooker now. I like everything else though...
Tomorrow, Dad's going to Tailand for two weeks and Erin gets to live with me.
Tomorrow's "Meaningful Outfit" character will be Alice. Now I have to study for exams. Ciao!

Friday, January 8, 2010

"Why is six afraid of 7?" 6, 7, 8/365

Friday is by far the best day of the week! 2 hour delay today so I got to drive when the sun was out. Nearly hit a few powerlines but I made it. After school Greg, Meredith, Lauren, Nicky, Erin, and I celebrated with Mrs. Shultz on her quitting smoking. Pizza, chips, and nacho cheese bugals. The way it should be.

I also need to apologize for my lack of activity these past few days. I've been busy with school work and that damn art assignment- turned it in today! But not to worry, I've been drawing.

In other news, exams are next week. Kill myself.

And yesterday, I was accepted to Shepherd University. Finally, I've been on their waiting list for a few months...

Now for what you've been waiting for, my gallery updates:

1) Todays' (January 8th)- "Diamond Dog", drawn in Math class today. Was momentarily interrupted when some guy sat on my desk and then commenced to tell me that he was going to sit on my desk. God, I hate people

2) Yesterdays' (January 7th)- "Shin" Can I officially coin the pairing as 'Shin'? I know it's not canon or anything but it seemed appropriate. BTW, Greg, I didn't mean to draw this. It was an accident. Besides, I'm sure Fin would be more lively and Sherlock less... Er, dazed? But seriously, I don't even know why this was drawn. I hardly draw people interacting much less in an intimate pose. Who knows...

3) Wednesdays' (January 6th)- "Sheik has a Confession" He's a man! D-: Sorry Lauren.

Good news though! I already know what I'm drawing for tomorrow and the rest of next week. I found this cute little activity called "The Meaningful Outfit Meme". You will see what I mean on the morrow. :D

Edit: Sorry for posting this at 11:32. I had to crop and fix the pictures.... Anyways, I'm sleepy. Ciao!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Five and Fire. 5/365

Alright, today's picture is of Sherlock Holmes (not the detective- completely different) from The Wayfarings of Six Teens and a Turtle by Lauren Coffey.

Anyway, yeah. Sherlock is pyrokinetic, meaning he can conjure fire at will. But enough about him. This picture is really sloppy. I know. His hands took hours. I wanted to die. Really. :-( I know that there are a ton of pencil smudges too. Can't be helped.

So the day was rather uneventful. School, dressed up as Edward Cullen, dropped my kneaded eraser in my soy milk. Yup. Same ol', same ol'. But I do have a hot date Friday :D

Monday, January 4, 2010

Moving Fourward 4/365

2 Hour Delay today! I actually should be on my way to school now but alas... Anyway, here's today's comic. Yes, colored. And yes, blue. Why? Because it's easy to work with. And I needed to finish coloring this morning. It's due today.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Third Time's a Charm. 3/365

Today has been a bit hecktic. Today's pictures are going to have to be put up tomorrow (on this post). So check back then.

In other news, saw Avatar with Mother today. The CG was amazing. The plot, not so much. School starts again tomorrow. I'm really not looking forward to it. That's all for now. Ciao!

Edit: Ok, I can't get the scanner to scan the whole page 6 so you're stuck with everything but the first three panels :-P

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Progress is being made! 2/365

First and foremost, I need to address that Kodak scanners are confusing. Today I actually figured out how to change whatever I scanned from a pdf to a jpg. Did I also mention that the scannerloves cropping bits of your pictures? Though it's kinda neat, I ended up scanned page 2 four times until it actually saved the whole image. Geeze. So yeah, inked the majority of the comic drafts today. The comic ended up being six pages long with 40 panels. The bare minimum for this project was 4 panels.

I, for one, am proud of myself. The conundrum comes with the coloring bit. I initially hoped to color every panel but seeing as I only have tomorrow to do that I'm thinking that's not going to happen. I'll figure something out.

So yeah, I'm thinking this Project 365 buisness is starting off rather smoothly! Tomorrow I have plans to see Avatar with Mom but we'll see. Ciao!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Project 365 Part 1

Happy New Year all! A friend of mine suggested doing Project 365 with her this year so both of us are going to be uploading photos and sketches everyday for a year. So the first years picture is going to be the draft of my art project. I'm supposed to make a comic about monsters so Ta-Da!:

Bad quality because it isn't even inked but oh well.